iTunes MacIrssi Script


This script is originally by Christopher R. Ungeheier <>, however I've made a couple of tweaks and decided to upload my own copy.
This script is amazing, I love what it can do and I use it frequently. I can control iTunes, select/load playlists, songs, etc, send my "currently playing", and others can request that too.
For more help and information, consult "/itunes help".



There are two settings.
itunes_reply - Handles if script will reply to '!itunes' or not
itunes_reply_type - Determines how reply is sent


I picked this up at version 0.2.1.
0.2.2: Fixed NOTICE/MSG behaviour between channels and PM's.


The original script is hosted at If you like it, please consider donating to Mr. Ungeheier.
The script uses Mac OS X "osascript" and Applescript facilities to communicate and manipulate iTunes. As such, this script will only work on a Mac OS X running irssi locally. I personally use MacIrssi ( and I'm very happy - Growl notifications, sound, a verticle "nicks" window, etc.